Partner Spotlight -- Nook Sleep Systems

Partner Spotlight -- Nook Sleep Systems

Well-rested babies are one of our top priorities at Fiaipmilano. And with that we turn to our trusted partners at Nook Sleeping Systems. Independently owned and operated, Nook Sleep Systems operates out of Southern California. They source as many local and organic materials and manufacturing processes as possible. Their certified organic wool comes from family-owned farms in Northern California and Oregon. And their organic cotton comes from deep in the heart of Texas. Nook Sleep Systems is the only infant bedding system that is healthy for children across the board. Every inch of the Nook Sleep System is taken into consideration and tested before it is implemented on any of the Nook products, it constantly questions how to make products healthier, safer and smarter -- considering the 6 crucial points parents should recognize: breathable, non-toxic, comfortable, convenient, colorful, and considered. At Fiaipmilano we carry numerous Nook products as we too believe that a healthy, well-rested baby, is the best kind of baby. Nook has perfect quite a few products:

Nook LilyPad Playmat

This playmat is ideal for tummy time, playtime and comfortable for babies and toddlers. This little playmat is not only perfect for indoor use but anywhere you need to unroll it for a healthy rest with your baby. 

Nook Niche Feeding Pillow

Forget those standard boppy pillows, Nook has the best feeding pillow which is lightweight and offers comfortable support and breathability. Not only does this pillow work for feeding, but you can always use it to prop baby up or to take a nap on yourself. 

Nook Pebble Lite Crib Mattress

This is the most considered infant and crib mattress made lighter. The dual air layers foster oxygen flow inside the mattress, giving superior softness and all-natural comfort. This crib mattress is water/stain resistant, non-toxic, comfortable, breathable and hypoallergenic. Along with these stellar crib mattress’, Nook Sleep systems also crafts perfect fitting and stylish, crib sheets. If you're looking for other Nook products, besides these ones listed above we have plenty of others that may be exactly what you are looking for at