Family Date Ideas For Memorial Day

Family Date Ideas For Memorial Day

Memorial Day is here, and it’s the first official weekend to kick off the summer and fun. But, one thing we shouldn’t forget is why we celebrate Memorial day. So take time this weekend and teach your kids the importance of Memorial Day -- Get outside and do something fun and “free.” We’ve put together a list of fun, family date ideas, so you can all celebrate together.

Take a Bike Ride

This is a great workout for everyone is the family and great for your kid(s). Use any opportunity you can to bike around town, rather than hoping in your car. If you don’t want your kids biking on the busy streets, try finding a local biking trail and venture down that path. Let the wind blow in your face and smell that fresh air and bbq, as you are pedaling to your hearts desire. 

Go to the Beach

Since Memorial day is the first official weekend that kicks off summer, this would be the perfect way to celebrate. If you aren’t near the beach, try the lake and if you don’t have one of those near you either, go to the local pool or waterpark. Enjoy being in the sun and getting to experience the fun with your kids.

Take a Hike

If all else fails, lace up those hiking boots and take a walk through a local hiking trail. You’ve all been cooped up all winter and can now enjoy the beginning of the summer months. So kick off the summer on the right foot, by hitting the trails and exploring all that your town has to offer you. This is the perfect family date. If you are really feeling adventurous pack a lunch and enjoy all that nature has to offer by enjoying the fresh air and a sandwich.

Throw a BBQ

We know you may not consider this a family date idea, but more of a family tradition. But, it’s the perfect way to keep the family together every year. Host an annual Memorial Day BBQ and invite family and friends to join in. You can have your kids help you in the kitchen and teach them how to grill as they get older. It’s a memory that will last your kids a lifetime.

Give Back

If you are all about teaching your kids a thing or two about giving back and doing good for others. This may be a great way to spend the day together as well. You can look into local shelters, food banks or even go as a family and donate blood. Teach your kids the meaning of memorial day, by giving back as the troops have given back to us. Regardless of what you do this Memorial Day, we recommend making it a tradition with your kids. Do the same thing every year, give them something to look forward to. So, that even as they grow older, they look forward to these traditions with you and their own kids.