Gift Guide for New Moms

Gift Guide for the New Mamma To Be

For many women shopping comes as natural as breathing, yet when it comes to picking that perfect gift for the new mom to be we can get a little turned around. What does the new mom need? Friends and family with undoubtedly shower her with clothes, toys, diapers, receiving blankets; the list goes on and on. Never fear, we’re here to help you sift through all of your options and hopefully give you a few great ideas along the way.

Wrapped Up In You

Step one, get mom a baby wrap. Mom has been carrying baby around for the last nine months and there’s been a very special bond established between the two, keep that bond going with Boba Baby Wrap. The wrap is easy to use, simply wrap it around your body and securely tie to keep your child close from infant to 18 months and ditch all of the straps, buckles and snaps. 

Rock-a-Bye Baby

Step two, set mom up with a swing. This is one of those gifts that could save a mother’s life, or at least free up a few minutes to throw a load of laundry in. And that’s why the Babymove Swoon Motion Swing is going to be the bell of the ball. This swing has two different rocking modes and 5 different speeds, as well as motion technology so when baby starts to cry the swinging movement starts. Now that’s a gift! 

In Coming! Teeth

Step three, teething toys… I know what you’re thinking, this is a gift guide... for a new mom. Who needs teething toys at this stage in the game? Trust us, teething is going to come out of nowhere and you’re going to want to prepare your new mom. One minute she’s just driving home from the hospital and the next thing she knows, two teeth are protruding through the bottom gum line. Apple Park has an adorable line of teething picnic pals. They’re stuffed with organic cotton and come in the cutest packaging- a little red box with their faces peeking out. 

Can I Get That To Go

Behind every good mother is her trusty diaper bag, this is that item you’re going to carry around from birth to pre-K and even then, they never really go away, you’re just able to modify them a bit. So why not invest in something that will look like your purse but act as your bag of tricks? OiOi makes a really beautiful tan leather slouch tote diaper bag. The soft leather will totally fool all of your friends, no one will ever know this is holding an armory of diapers. 

Mama Mia!

Let’s be honest, sometimes when it comes to gifts for a mom to be we get so caught up in what to get for the baby we actually forget that mom is even involved. If you want to do something really nice for the mother to be we suggest putting together a spa basket. Fill it with body scrubs, lotions, bubble bath, foot soak, eye masks, face masks; this list really could go on and on. Throw in a gift card for a massage or mani pedi combo and offer to babysit so mom can get out of the house and feel pampered. Gifting can be tough and we're glad we could be here to help you with this gift guide for new mothers. Be sure to check out Fiaipmilano’s post on Baby Proofing your home and be sure to check back often for more fun posts on parenthood.