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Fun Family Outings this Labor Day

Labor Day really marks the end of the summer, soon we’ll see the season start to change, the weather will drive all of us inside and we’ll start counting down the days to Memorial Day. So we’re making the most of our last long weekend of the summer and getting out of the house with these fun family outings this Labor Day.

Berry Picking with Your Family

Get the family out of the house and onto a farm, all of the best fall fruits are starting to blossom, we suggest apples, peaches and berries. Let the kids get excited about picking their own fruit, take it a step further and bake a pie when you get home. Too warm to turn the oven on? Check out this great family recipe for slow cooker apples. These day trips are perfect you can pack everything you’ll need in the kids Skip Hop Zoo backpacks.

Higher and Higher

Kids virtually bounce off the walls, so why not accommodate them with a visit to an indoor trampoline park? They’re popping up all over the states, it’s a great way for the kids to burn off some of that never-ending energy indoors and not risk the heat strokes. Safety first!

Family Zoo Trip

Another great option this Labor Day weekend is to visit your local zoo. Most families will be taking advantage of the beaches and parks for their festivities, so you may get lucky and have the place to yourselves. You’re guaranteed to tucker the little ones out, get them a little fresh air and let them see all of their favorite furry friends. 


Take me Out to the Ball Game

Did someone say baseball? Nothing better on a holiday weekend than enjoying a good old fashioned sporting event and who doesn’t love the great American pastime? No matter what sport your family is into you’re sure to have an awesome time. 


Biking Through the Weekend

Time for mom and dad to dust off their bikes and get them out for one last trip. We’re sure the kids have been utilizing their bikes all summer long and we want to make sure they make one more appearance before the summer is over. Pack them up and head to the beach or a local park for the day, it’s great exercise for you and the kids. We’ve covered a lot of ground, literally, but if you’re just looking to stay home this holiday weekend? Check out Pokkadot’s post on Backyard Activities this Labor Day and don’t forget to check out our line of great outdoor toys to keep the kiddos busy for hours.