Partnership Spotlight: babybay

Partnership Spotlight: babybay

THE MISSION: Providing safety, quality, and peace of mind

"We believe in bringing parents peace of mind by creating products that are innovative, safe, ethically manufactured, sustainably resourced, and that are made of fully non-toxic components." Our Partnership Spotlight of the month is babybay, the internationally best-selling item in innovative, responsible baby life products. It all began in 2003 when Christian Pihale's wife was in need of a way to feed two children throughout the night as easy as possible. Christian came up with a solution that would let Ruth and the baby stay close in bed while keeping the baby safe: a baby bed that mounts onto the parent's bed. It's the perfect way for you to provide for your baby while you sleep.

The Bedside Co-Sleeper

The Bedside Co-Sleeper is a smooth to the touch, half-moon shaped baby bed that mimics the protective feel of a hug. With the luxury of keeping your baby close, you will sleep peacefully knowing that babybay is built to last made from sustainably sourced beechwood, meaning that they plant a new tree for everyone that is used. They believe in providing not only a comfortable place for your baby to sleep, but also building them a more sustainable, bright future. Babybay Beside Sleepers come in 5 distinct finishes, Natural, Trendsetter, Purist, Sage, and Modernist to accommodate every home while maintaining the use of sustainable resources. The Natural is an untreated warm, smooth, and comforting finish that lets the eco-friendly beechwood shine on its own. Great for those who like simplicity and to keep things as natural as possible. The Trendsetter, similar to the Natural, but adds a clear non-toxic varnish for added protection against stains and moisture. The Purist is for those who want to radiate a sense of positivity, purity, and cleanliness. The Sage is stained with a rich deep walnut color that adds a sense of soothing luxury. The Modernist is for the those who prefer a midcentury or contemporary feel to their nursery. It comes in gray that works wonderfully with pops of color.

Babybay doesn't stop at the Co-Sleeper when it comes to their passion for using sustainable products. They also incorporate this into their Organic Comfort Mattress made of coconut fiber and natural latex that produces an extremely breathable and moisture-wicking mattress. If coconut fiber isn't your style, then you can choose the Classic Comfort Mattress Pad with a breathable foam or the Cooling Comfort Mattress Pad for babies that run a little hot. Give your mattress pad added protection while keeping your baby dry with the Snuggle Comfort Terry Sheet or the Cooling Comfort Jersey Sheet. Each sheet is certified baby-safe by the Oeko-Tex-Standard 100, Class 1 for babies.

Everything you need for a good night's sleep comes in bundles. Babybay bundles come in either the Bassinet or Bedside Sleeper with the Classic Comfort Bundle, Cloud Comfort Bundle, Cooling Comfort Bundle, Sleeper Comfort Bundle, or Organic Comfort Bundle. Each bundle comes with a babybay Bedside Sleeper, Comfort Mattress, Comfort Sheet, and 1 Guardrail (only with bassinet bundle). The perfect bundle for your little bundle. A mom that uses the babybay bedside sleeper is a well-rested mom and a well-rested mom is a happy parent with a child that is safe, healthy, and happy.